DaySpring Medical Amazon


Are you searching for smaller quantities of the occluding clamps? For your convenience, and free shipping, DaySpring Medical is on Amazon. DaySpring Medical offers convenient, pre-packaged 10 packs of our occluding clamps on Amazon.

Amazon orders include free shipping via USPS. Check us out on Amazon here.


Looking for smaller quantities of the side load clamps? We offer a convenient 10 pack of the SLC-10 here.

Looking for smaller quantities of fistula clamps? Find DaySpring Medical Blue Fistula Clamps HERE. We sell these in pre-packaged quantities of one or two fistula clamps.

You can find DaySpring Medical Pink Occluding Clamps HERE.

You can find DaySpring Medical Blue Occluding Clamps in 10 packs and free shipping here.


Can’t pick a color? We offer a variety pack of the OC10’s.

Color combinations are based on overstock, so the colors will vary. Free Shipping.

Click here to order a variety pack.

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